2013 Toyota Prius c Breaks Cover

CarScoop has broken the code. A Japanese market brochure has leaked out early showing us what the new compact Prius c looks like in production trim. Due to make its public debut at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit this January, the Prius c will be the 4th member of the Toyota Prius family of cars.

The new Prius c according the the brochure is just slightly larger than the Toyota Yaris, measuring 157″ long, 66″ wide, and about 57″ tall. That’s almost a full 20” shorter than the Toyota Prius we all know. The brochure of the Japanese market model says it sports a 1.5-liter gas engine with 74hp and a 61hp electric motor package.

While no figures are given for the EPA ratings at this point, the Prius c is expected to offer better mpg than the Prius but as much 8%, likely getting into the mid 50 mpg range. We can only hope. Pricing has not been set bit being that the Prius c will be at the entry point, we can look at the low $20,000’s range, or even $19,900 if Toyota gets really aggressive.

Styling is of course right on target with most of Toyota’s latest design language, thought it eschews immediate Prius family resemblance. It is aguably more playful and sporty looking, even offering a bit of Nissan Leaf artfullness.


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