Nissan Leaf gets better heating and leather option

This December Nissan will be giving its Leaf electric car its first major update since it went on sale. While the Leaf isn’t a complete makeover just yet, it will be getting some new key features and options that should make it even more appealing to buyers.

First, the Leaf will now be available with a leather interior option. Most “green-car” models tend to play the part and only offer recycled or animal free interior trims. The notion behind this being that the majority demographic who would buy one is also of a more conversationalist mindset.

Well it seems that reality bites like the claws of an animal trap as buyers have been asking for the option of genuine cow hide inside their Leaf. Additionally, Nissan will offer a darker colored interior. Again common think for green cars is that the interior should be light and airy like a polar bear’s dean. Not so sayeth the customer.

Nissan will offer a charcoal trimmed cabin that eschews the white dash and door panel trims to give a more luxurious and traditional luxury car feel. It makes sense since the Leaf is priced like a higher end car, has interior trim quality and feel of a more expensive model, it should also look the part.

Buyers in cold climates will appreciate an improved heating system that doesn’t tap the car’s electric resources so much. A redesigned HVAC system will warm you with a 20-25 mile improvement in range according to Nissan. That will be welcome news to buyers across the US as the Leaf is now available in all 50 states.

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